Sports court race to hear Russia ban cases

RIO DE JANEIRO (AFP) – The international sports tribunal raced Monday to decide appeals by Russian athletes against their ban from the Rio Olympics with the opening ceremony just four days away. The restricted opening of a new metro line for the Olympic zone also highlighted the struggle...
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10 Mysterious Stories Involving Unidentified People

10 Mysterious Stories Involving Unidentified People Imagine living an existence where you’re involved in a memorable event, but no one knows who you are. It’s amazing to think that a person could be found dead, commit a series of crimes, or even record a few blues albums without...
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10 Easy Ways To Take Your Cooking To The Next Level

#1. Stock your pantry like a pro. MakingThymeForHealth Ensure you have non-perishable essentials stocked and you’ll always be able to whip up a tasty meal in minutes. Check out the list below or see here for ideas. MakingThymeForHealth #2. Master the art of healthy snacks (especially for trips)....
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Comedy Channel Takes A Shot At Niche Dating Sites

Video (scroll down for video) Comedy Channel Takes A Shot At Niche Dating Sites It used to be that using a dating website was something to poke fun at. But its the twenty-first century now and lots people use them, so they aren’t good game anymore…; right? Since...
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Boho Chic Interior Design Ideas

The boho chic look is a broken down, vintage inspired but elegant look that’s growing in popularity. But it’s hard to find the line between shabby chic, and straight up shabby. So we compiled some bohemian design ideas that are sure to have your guests whispering in all...
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